Liverpool Artists’ Network Meeting

Tuesday 19th January 2016, 6pm

The Courtroom Cafe
Crown Buildings, 57 – 59 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6BD

This is what Happened

Introduction from Josie

The Liverpool Biennial 2016 is on between  9th July – 16th Oct – Showcasing international artists, and it is a good time for independent artists to show their work alongside this event as it is a popular event in the city which attracts many visitors.

Light Night Liverpool is another popular night which is held over one night on 13th May 2016 and is another good opportunity to showcase your work. The closing date for promoting your event through a listing with Open Culture is 24th Feb 2016. Please contact them if you have an event to list.

We want you to use Liverpool Artists Network to share resources/joint promotion and meet fellow artists to exhibit together/joint programming.

There is a ‘Willing and Able’ questionnaire which has been put together by the Network which can help you link up with other artists – a sort of match making service – fill one out and send to us if you are interested

Liverpool Artists Network is happy to send a group mailout on your behalf to promote your interest to the group.

Josie is personally interested in putting a publication together which informs the public about the unofficial events and exhibitions happening during the Liverpool Biennial. Anyone who is interested in helping or contributing to this, please let her know.  Please contact Josie if you have something interesting planned for Liverpool Biennial –

Other Speakers

Paul Gatenby
Paul is putting an independent art school together – a cooperative establishment, which sells workshops to the public. There is no independent school of this nature in Liverpool and he believes that there is a big demand for this service. At the moment he is teaching four workshops a week. He will leave his existing premises in February and is looking for a new place to set up. He circulated information during the evening. Please contact him if you are interested in getting involved. He will then set up another separate meeting to discuss the next steps. Contact Paul at

John Elcock: artist and writer
Interested in setting up an open studio event in the South Liverpool area summer 2016. – Anyone interested please email contact details to

Tony Knox – Road Studios
Tony gave a brief introduction to Road studios and the current exhibition on show at the Courtroom café showcasing work from the studios.

Ryan Garry – film maker
Will be showcasing a film about the creativity of Merseyside artists called The Creative Process at the Liverpool Small Cinema, next to the Courthouse cafe, on 31st January at 6pm. Tickets are £2 and can be found here:
Ryan would also like to exhibit the film to some studio groups and at other venues around Liverpool. If you would like him to come to your venue, please get in touch with him at

Patrick Kirk-Smith – Art in Liverpool
Patrick is working with Art in Liverpool and wanted to let everyone know that he is trying to review as many people’s work as possible but he is very busy. Please contact him at Art in Liverpool if you feel you are being missed out.

Istra Toner – Artist
Istra is looking for a video artist to join the second phase of our

Keep sharing and promoting Liverpool Artists Network with the #LivArtNet hashtag.