We’re giving you plenty of notice for the next LAN meeting and Metal have kindly offered to host us this time.  Metal is a housed in the Edge Hill Station buildings, so pretty convenient if you’re coming on public transport.  There are regular trains from Lime Street Station.  In fact, Edge Hill is the world’s oldest active passenger railway station.  If you’ve not been to Metal before it’s a perfect opportunity to take a look and find out what goes on there.  Check out more on their website here http://www.metalculture.com/about-us/liverpool/.  Metal have all sorts of opportunities for local artists and they will tell us more about that in the meeting.

The Liverpool Artists’ Network meetings are there for you to meet other artists, share ideas, get feedback, make connections and discuss collaboration opportunities.  It’s all very informal and usually ends with some of the group going to the pub for a few after.  As an attendee you are invited to speak to the room.  Maybe you have an idea that you want to sound out, or you want to start a specific project and you need to recruit people to work on it, or you’re an established organisation with services to offer artists.

We want you to make something happen.

There will be tea and coffee available (biscuits if you’re lucky) and it is all free.

We would like you to get in touch if you want to speak at the meeting, or if you really want to share something but you’re not the public speaking type, we can speak on your behalf, if you give us all the details.  Anyone who is interested in your idea can then speak with you in a more informal way after the presentations.

Please email liverpoolartnet@yahoo.co.uk  if you would like to speak at the meeting,

Here are some topics that have been discussed before:

New projects

Sharing resources

Joint programming

Group exhibitions

Joint promotion

Please let us know if you’re coming to the meeting as well – email liverpoolartnet@yahoo.co.uk.

Keep promoting Liverpool Artists’ Network.  The more members we can recruit, the better we can be. If you are talking about Liverpool Artists’ Network on Twitter please use the #LivArtNet hashtag.

All the best