16th June 2023

The Royal Standard, Northern Lights, Cains Brewery Village, 5 Mann Street, Liverpool, L8 5AF

“From Point A to Point B” is an exhibition by Elizabeth Challinor that focuses on bringing the curatorial processes and methodologies to the forefront of the exhibition, to highlight how exhibitions get from Point A (initial conception) to Point B (final exhibition). This exhibition serves as a culmination of a larger ongoing research project that featured a short series of smaller exhibitions. Each exhibition was developed collaboratively with 2 artists over a 5 week period, meeting weekly to develop ideas through discussing their individual practices, and concluded with a one-night exhibition. The aim of these exhibitions was to work collaboratively and communicatively, and explore how exhibitions can be generated through ongoing creative discussion and sharing ideas. “From Point A to Point B” explores the development and curation of this series of exhibitions, featuring notes, transcripts, images, recordings and more from each exhibition, following the creative journey, process and evolution of each exhibition, and hopes to offer an in-depth look at how the artists worked together, how their work and ideas merged together, and how the exhibition unfolded as time went on. The participating artists were Amy Cadwallader, Beth Wise, Ami Zanders, Olivia Vacanti, Mia Cathcart, and Sophie Baskerville.

For more information please see www.the-royal-standard.co.uk/programme/biennial-2023-from-point-a-to-point-b and @theroyalstandard_ @elizabethchllnr