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9th June – 11th June/SHUFFLE/Make
9th June – 11th June/Under the Cracked Lid of The Beetroot Man/The Royal Standard
15th June/Sigma(Σ)Liverpool art classes/studio visit Richard Meaghan/United Biscuits
16th June/From Point A to Point B: Elizabeth Challinor/The Royal Standard
24th June – 22nd July/Ali Barker – Ensemble/The Atkinson
23rd June – 25th June/How to Wear High Heels: Elisa Sallis & Xanthe Tilzey/The Royal Standard
28th June – 30th June/Look Up/West Tower
30th June- 20th August/Liverpool Art Fair/Royal Liver Building


6th July – 12th July/ TRS: Daniel Halsall /The Royal Standard
7th July – 14th July/ Here to Become /The Bridewell Gallery
7th July – 28th July/ Minds Re-Imagined/The Brain Charity
20th July/¡Gender Dada!: Melody Carey Art/The Royal Standard